Robin Robertson Busts the Protein Myth in Her New Cookbook

"Where do you get your protein?" You’d think we would be done hearing that by now, but we also know that question is more of a protective-shield, and less of a genuine concern for our health.  I mean, when I was in my 20s eating everything but fruits and vegetables (and about 40 pounds overweight), … Continue reading Robin Robertson Busts the Protein Myth in Her New Cookbook


I have read, tried and tested many bagel recipes. This is what I came up with after trying out different ingredients and techniques over and over until I had a bagel that was chewy, crispy and tasted like a bagel and not just donut-shaped bread! I broke down the instructions so they are easy to … Continue reading Bagels

Blueberry Pancake and Waffle Sauce

This is a quick and easy recipe to wow those brunch guests! It goes great with Gluten-Free Oat Pancakes or any pancake for that matter! Waffles too! Blueberry Pancake and Waffle Sauce 4 cups frozen blueberries½ cup sugar¼ cup water1 tbsp tapioca flour1 tbsp lemon juice1 tsp vanilla Combine all ingredients in a saucepan mixing … Continue reading Blueberry Pancake and Waffle Sauce

5-Minute Muesli

This is my go-to breakfast most mornings when I am running short on time. Which is most mornings! It's not really muesli, it's more like overnight oats. But not overnight at all! Just mix the oats, chia seed and almond milk, let rest for 5 minutes in the fridge to allow the chia to interact … Continue reading 5-Minute Muesli

Vegan Irish Soda Bread

I was obsessed last March with making this bread for something festive for the St. Patrick's Day holiday. I texted many of my friends a simple text: "Have you eaten Irish Soda Bread before?" Most of them said, "No, why?" Guess what, they didn't get to be testers. The ones who answered "Yes" did, and … Continue reading Vegan Irish Soda Bread