The Culinary Journey Begins

Food is my passion. And my obsession. For over ten years, my vegan culinary journey slowly developed as I spent more and more time learning and practicing. I studied cookbooks, watched videos, tried flavor combinations. I cooked and tasted, tasted and cooked.  I studied with home cooks and professional restaurant cooks along the way too! … Continue reading The Culinary Journey Begins

Go Vegan and Get Healthy in 2019!

Hi Everyone!     I hope this post finds you well!  As the new year approaches and the craziness of the holiday season winds down, we are all getting ready to focus a little bit more on ourselves and our heath!   2019 is all about wellness!    In fact, 2018 was much about wellness for me, … Continue reading Go Vegan and Get Healthy in 2019!

Southwest Tofu Scramble

Do you love tofu scramble? You should.  And if you don't, I know you will now! Sometimes recipes for tofu scramble can be complicated by tons of spices that you might not have on hand.  I simplify that problem by using taco seasoning! This is my go-to tofu scramble because it is super filling, easy … Continue reading Southwest Tofu Scramble